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Weiss Schwarz JP Booster Box: Grisaia no Kajitsu

Product Specifications
-100 types of cards + 46 parallels
-9 cards per pack.
-16 packs per Box.

■ Rarity
SP (Special) 7 types
RRR (Triple Rare) 13 types
SR (Super Rare) 26 types
RR (Double Rare) 10 types 
R (Rare ) 22 types

U (Uncommon) 28 types
C (Common) 27 types
CR (Climax Rare) 4 types
CC (Climax Common) 9 types

■ Signed card information
Each pack has a chance to include a voice actor foil-pressed signed card!

櫻井 孝宏 さん (風見 雄二 役)
田中 涼子 さん (榊 由美子 役) ※榊は木偏に神
田口 宏子 さん (周防 天音 役)
水橋 かおり さん (松嶋 みちる 役)
たみやす ともえ さん (入巣 蒔菜 役)
清水 愛 さん (小嶺 幸 役)
友永 朱音 さん (風見 一姫 役)

■ Box benefits
This product is the reprint version and does not include any box inserts.