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Wixoss Top Diva Deck: DXM

Deus Ex Machina is the final boss in the original story and the main character Hirana's biggest rival. The team consists of the youngest Deus, the leader Ex, and the always calm Machina. In this deck, Ex is included as the Center LRIG. They fight using their unique special ability called "Soul".

Full Foiled Deck!!

This deck is a gorgeous deck in which all the cards included are foils. Also, "Full Spec" deck that includes two PIECE cards. It includes team-specific PIECE card that serve as trump card, and will allow you to be at the forefront of battles with this deck alone.

To celebrate the release of this deck, a Special Promo Pack vol. DXM with a foil card will be included.
In addition to the three gold letter signed ver of Deus Ex Machina's three Lv.0 LRIGs, two PIECE cards with the same processing as DIVA RARE(DiR)printed version are included at a low rate.
※Special Promo Pack vol.DXM is available only for 1st printing.