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Weiss Schwarz JP Booster Box: Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom

Product Specifications
-110 types of cards + 62 parallels
-9 cards per pack.
-16 packs per Box.

■ Rarity
SSP (Super Special) 10 types
SP (Special) 10 types
OFR (Overframe Rare) 11 types
RRR (Triple Rare) 5 types
SR (Super Rare) 26 types
——————————————— ——
RR (Double
Rare ) 13 types R (Rare) 29 types
U (Uncommon) 28 types
C (Common) 28 types
CR (Climax Rare) 4 types
CC (Climax Common) 8 types

■ Foil stamping sign card information
SP, SSP appear Includes cast foil stamped sign cards!

■ Box benefits
One of the six PRis randomly included in the box!